The Fat Lady Sings On Broad Peak

Now it’s officially over on Broad Peak. sent word this morning that Simone is back in Base Camp, his Winter summit bid finally over.

Yesterday, the team awoke to blue skies and little wind, and decided to make one last crack at the summit. The intention was to climb to Camp 3, rest for the night then make a summit bid today. They arrived to find Camp 3 complete gone, buried under snow or blown completely away. The climbers retreated to Camp 2 where they stayed the night, dismantled camp, and returned to BC today.

A successful climb would have been the first on Broad Peak in the Winter. The team arrived early and established their fixed ropes and high camps, but the notorious weather of this portion of the Karakorum set in, and deep cold, high winds, and heavy snows. After two months on the mountain, they have, at last been turned away. But as Simone himself has said, “we can honestly say that we truly did our best”. Knowing that, I believe he’ll be at peace with the decision to leave Broad Peak, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns in the future.

Kraig Becker

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