GPS Lessons On The Trans-American Roadtrip!

Did you get a new GPS for Christmas and you haven’t taken it out of the box yet? You’ve put the batteries in, and turned it on, but were completely lost after that? Well perhaps this article over at National Geographic Adventure will prove useful.

It’s full of tips and tricks for getting started using a GPS device for navigation and was written by Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl who are in the midst of an epic roadtrip. The pair left their home in New York City last year and have set off on a 70,000 mile drive through North, Central, and South America. The adventure is expected to take three years, and along the way they have collected some good experience in using their GPS systems. You can also read more about their journey at their offcial website.

Update: While we’re on the topic of GPS devices, check out this blog entry over at Trailcraft. The subject of the entry is “To Take A GPS or Not” and offers some good thoughts on the value of having a device with you versus leaving it behind. Good stuff.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “GPS Lessons On The Trans-American Roadtrip!”

  1. Nice article on the SPOT Alexi. It’s a cool device that is definitely handy, and I’ve worked with the SPOT team at Primal Quest.

    I can’t wait to see what they have in mind for version 2 of the product.

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