The Lessons of Antarctica, Part 5 has posted the fifth and final article on the lessons learned in Antarctica by John Wilton Davies as he attempted a solo and unsupported ski expedition to the South Pole.

The focus of this particular article is on equipment, sponsors, and motivation. On the topic of equipment, he discusses his ski poles, bindings, boots, and sled, with a few things to say on each of them. Outside of the skis themselves, these are probably the most important pieces of equipment on the trip. As for sponsors, he says not to attach logos until you’re ready for pictures. They won’t stay on the sled after miles on the ice. (Good to know!) Finally, on the topic of motivation he talks about setting targets to strive for, whether it’s for the expedition as a whole or simply for the next day. He also warns not to count your steps, as it’s rather depressing.

These have been interesting articles, and offered some nice insights, However, I can’t help but think they could have combined them into two or three articles rather than stretching them out. Still, all of them are worth the read.

Kraig Becker

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