National Geographic Looks At The Baffin Island Expedition

070223 arctic warming big has posted a nice article on the Global Warming 101 expedition that I first posted on a few weeks back.

This is the expedition, led by Will Steger, to the Baffin Islands to investigate the effects of global warming on the environment, and the wildlife, but also the Inuit Indian tribes that live in the region. Over the course of four months, the team, which will travel by dog sled the entire time, will interview the indigenous people and take plenty of data on the effects of the temperature change on the walrus and polar bear that live in the area as well.

This is also the expedition that climber Ed Viesturs and British billionaire Richard Branson will be joining for the final month. The team plans to make daily posts to their website with the latest data and findings.

Kraig Becker

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