Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race Updates!

per2007 03
I was beginning to think we wouldn’t find any sites reporting on the Patagonia Expedition Race, but leave it up to Check Point Zero to come through in the clutch. Today they have posted short updates from Day 1, in which the French team of TSL Outdoors La Clusaz dominated the field from the sound of the gun. It seems the team still leads on Day 2 as well, and teams have moved into more remote areas, making it harder to track their progress.

The official website still has the same three teams leading the pack as yesterday, TSL Outdoors La Clusaz, 7º Grado Monterrey, and Camelos on the Rocks, but it also appears as if the page hasn’t been updated since yesterday either, so it’s difficult to know how things are going out on the course, and who is exactly in the lead at this moment. I’ll be sure to update as news comes in.

Kraig Becker

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