Patagonia Expedition Race Kicks Off Sunday!

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Billed as “The Adventure At The End of the World”, the 2007 Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race kicks off this weekend with teams of four racing across an 1100km course. Disciplines will include mountain biking, trekking, sea kayaking, navigations, fixed ropes, and maybe a suprise or two along the way.

The theme of this years race seems to be “Head South”, as the website notes that the course will begin on the southern Ice Fields (One of the biggest ice masses on the planet) and from there move “further south than the American Continent”, passed the Magellan Strait, and the Cordillera de Darwin and Tierra del Fuego, and even south of the Beagle Channel. That sounds like an amazing and challenging course.

You can find a list of the mandatory gear that each team will be carrying here. I can’t seem to find a list of teams entered in the race anywhere on the site, but I hope to have updates as the race progresses throughout next week and beyond.

Kraig Becker

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