Primal Quest On Hold Indefinitely!

It’s been rumored for some time, but now it’s confirmed. Yak over at CheckPointZero has updated his blog with news that Primal Quest is now on hold indefinitely.

Reading over the post it seems that efforts were being made to try to conduct a race in 2007, but that it just wasn’t in the cards. I know that ESPN wasn’t pleased with the ratings when the race was broadcast last fall, and that put it’s future seriously in doubt. It’s a shame too, as it’s been THE premiere event in adventure racing over the past few years, but now it seems likely to be joining Ecco-Challenge and The Raid.

Adventure racing is in a bit of a state of flux at the moment. In some ways, the sport is booming, with lots of people trying the shorter events. But the really epic races seem to be falling by the wayside. They are immense undertakings, and can be very costly, not to mention prohibitive to all but the best teams. But they are also the crown jewels of the sport, and without them, I think some of the “adventure” is missing from the race.

Kraig Becker

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