Ranulph Fiennes To Climb Eiger

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ThePoles.com is reporting that British Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes intends to Climb Eiger in March. Fiennes is 62 and currently training in the Alps for his attempt, and recently spent a night bivouacked on mountain face to over come his fears of vertigo while suspended thousands of feet above the ground. The venerable explorer is climbing not only for the adventure, but to raise £1.5 million (about $2.95 million) for the Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Delivering Choice Programme.

Fiennes has been on a number of epic adventures in his career, including a traverse of Antarctica to Scott Base, as well as several other Polar expeditions and an attempt on Everest. He is billed as the “Worlds Greatest Living Explorer” and will be posting updates to his MySpace Page. (Oh lord, please let that be the only time I link to MySpace, ever.)

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Ranulph Fiennes To Climb Eiger”

  1. LOL! Yeah, he sure is! When you look at his track record, he’s actually failed more than he has succeeded. Still, he’s got an impressive list of adventures under his belt and is an interesting guy.

  2. I’ve read some of his books and have been quite impressed with his sense of adventure.
    “Summit Stones & Adventure Musings”

  3. You’re right DSD, there is certainly denying the man is an explorer and adventurer at heart. You have to admire his love of exploration.

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