The Rest of Everest – Bonus Episode 3

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The third and final bonus video podcast from The Rest of Everest has been relesed for your viewing pleasure. For anyone who hasn’t been following these bonus podcasts, they follow the adventures of Ben Clark and Josh Butson as they travel to Sichuan Province in China to explore and climb some of the far eastern Himalyan peaks in the area.

In this episode, which is nearly twice as long as either of the first two bonus podcasts, we get to see even more of the amazing photos that the two climbers took while there, and Ben continues to be a compelling story teller as he relays the tales of their adventures. These bonus podcasts have all been entitled “Wild Horses” and we finally can see why, as the two climbers journey to one of the peaks they want to climb, they come across a herd of wild horses in a remote valley.

If you’ve enjoyed the Everest episodes of the video podcast, but haven’t given these bonus podcast a look yet, I highly recommend them. They offer and insight into the climbing of a region that is not nearly as explored as other parts of the HImalaya, not to mention the culture of China. Excellent stuff, and I’m sad that this is the last one, but thankfully we still have the regular episodes of The Rest of Everest to look forward to.

At the end of this episode, Ben official announces his plans to climb Shisha Pangma in the spring, without oxygen, and possibly ski the mountain as well. Hopefully we’ll get another bonus podcast on that expedition too! I can hope can’t I? 🙂

Kraig Becker

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