Return Trip To New Zealand

Thinking of going to New Zealand in the near future? Better yet, have you been there before and think you’ve done it all? Then check out this article at

Author Peter Potterfield went to Kiwi Land for the first time two years ago, and now he’s back to explore even more of it’s fabled backcountry. He calls his first trip a “recon” for his return, where he decides to explore places even more off the beaten path. Amongst his destinations this time are The Rakiura Track, The Northwest Circuit, The Greenstone, and more.

If you haven’t gone to New Zealand yet and have heard about it’s wonderous places to explore, this article will have you looking up airfares on Expedia in no time. If you have already experienced, you’re likely to start planning your return trip. Good stuff, and another place on my “Must See” list.

Kraig Becker

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