Running Across The Sahara

Yahoo News has posted this very cool article from the AP about three ultra-runners who decided it would be a good idea to run across the Sahara desert.

American Charlie Engle joined Canadian Ray Zahab, 38, and Kevin Lin, 30, of Taiwan, for an 111 day, 4000 mile run. They generally ran about 45-50 miles a day, most days in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees F. They would typically set off at 4:30 AM and run until 9:30 PM, at which time they would stop for the day, take in plenty to eat and drink, then crash for the evening.

Yesterday, they completed their epic run. Which is simply amazing. We all thought it was cool when Dean Karnazes did his 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states thing, but this makes him look like a complete wimp.

Thanks GoBlog

Kraig Becker

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