Scots Put Up New Lines On Mount Blanc

shining wall
The Alpinist has posted news that two Scottish climbers have put up new lines in the ice on Mt. Blanc. Pete Benson and Guy Robertson climbed Shining Wall on the north face of Pointe 3650m back in November, but the details of their climb are now emerging.

The pair climbed an incomplete route first set down in February of last year, but found better ice and a more solid line to the top. Near the top their was mixed ground, with rock and ice, and a final pitch that was precarious at best, but managed to top out none the less.

You would have thought by now, there wouldn’t be any new lines to put up on Mount Blanc, but it just goes to show you how creative and imaginative climbers can be to appraoching a problem. And finding a first ascent. 🙂

Kraig Becker

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