Simone Moro: “It’s Over!” on Broad Peak

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A few days ago I posted that Simone Moro, after weeks of waiting for a weather window, was finally going to go for a summit push on Broad Peak. A weather window was to have opened yesterday with a possible shot at the summit by tomorrow. Today we have word from that Simone’s bid for the first winter summit of Broad Peak is over.

Apparently, the weather window never appeared. Winds remained very strong, and prevented Simone from climbing up to Camp 3. Now the reports say that if a window does open, it will be much shorter than expected, and not allow a push to the top. The team made the decision to end their bid, and tomorrow they will dismantle their camps and proceed down the mountain.

This latest new ends two months on the mountain. The team quickly established fixed ropes and high camps before the bad weather set in, and they looked like they were in a position to make a successful summit. But then the high winds, cold weather and snow set in, preventing them from making a real push up the mountain. It’s sad to see the expedition end this way, but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Simone on Broad Peak

Kraig Becker

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