Simone Moro Makes Summit Push On Broad Peak! Finally!

389a has posted a report that Simone Moro is finally making his summit push on Broad Peak. After waiting for three weeks for the weather to clear, it looks like there will be a three day window for him to go for the top. If everything goes as scheduled, he should summit on Friday.

Simone is attempting the first Winter summit on Broad Peak, and arrived plenty early this year to begin setting up camps, and fixing lines. He quickly climbed some of the more technical sections, and soon had Camp 3 established. But then the weather turned, as it’s apt to do in the Karakoram this time of year, and it’s been nothing but cold, snow, and wind since.

Broad Peak is an 8047m (26,400 ft) peak located in Pakistan, approximately five miles from K2. It is the twelfth highest mountain in the World. It derives it’s name from the fact that it’s summit peak is over a mile long, and it’s renowned for cold winters, nasty winds, and plenty of snow.

Good luck Simone! Hopefully you’ll have good news for us on Friday!

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Simone Moro Makes Summit Push On Broad Peak! Finally!”

  1. I know Simone is an accomplished mountaineer, I wonder how close he is to bagging all 14 of the 8000 meter peaks.

    For me he is most known for being the sole surviving member of the Annapurna expedition in which an avalanche took the lives of cinematographer Dimitri Sobolev and the amazing Anatoli Boukreev in the winter of 1997.

  2. I’ll have to check to see where he sits on the list of 8000m climbers. I know he’s got a few under his belt.

    I think ExWeb has a list of where everyone stands. I’ll se if I can find it and update it. A winter ascent on Broad Peak will make a nice addition to his resume. He certainly has been patient in waiting for his weather window.

  3. I’m surprised he isn’t closer.

    I do know he has already climbed Broad Peak before so maybe he isn’t in a hurry to do so… otherwise he wouldn’t be climbing the same mountains multiple times.

  4. Yeah! I’m a little surprised he’s not on the list too, but he may be just off of it, since you have to have climbed at least 10 of the 14 to make that list.

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