Sleep Monsters Has Race Updates!

INT 070219194634 has some race reports on a couple of events I’ve been following the past week or so, the Patagonia Expedition Race and the Yukon Arctic Ultra.

First up, is this race report from Patagonia. The race is in Day 9 now, and down to three teams remaining. It seems like the 1112km course has become a war of attrition, with it’s amazing length, and remote trekking. At this point TSL Outdoors La Clusaz from France are still in the lead as they continue their march towards the finish line.

You can find a series of race reports on the Yukon Ultra as well, with one as recent as Day 9, which is yesterday. It seems things are quite cold out on the course, as would be expected, but they set an overnight record last night with minus 34 degrees C (-25 F). Still, racers set out for the next camp, which is 80 miles away, with their only contact with civilization being an occasional snowmobile rider to check on their progress. The area is remote, rugged, challenging, and very cold.

Kraig Becker

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