Unmanned Rescue Copter For Everest

everest wasp helicopter
Last week I mentioned the Rescue On Everest Trust and how they planned to raise funds to conduct high mountain rescue attempts in an effort to save climbers like David Sharp. The group is headed up by Mark Inglis and Peter Hillary and has some serious financial backing. Today, technology blog Engadget has pictures and information about the unmanned rescue helicopter that will play a vital role in the teams plans. The Heliciopter will be known as the Alpien Wasp, and is being developed and donated to the project by TGR Helicorp. The vehicle will be able to fly up to about 30,000 feet and can be remotely controlled from miles away.

Meanwhile, while we’re on the subject of unique vehicles, check out the first live-in sledge designed for Poler exploration. The slege was built and tested by a Brazilian engineer who took it to Antarctica recently to test it out. He claims that while it was cold outside, he stayed a toasty 68 degrees F in his new invention.

The sledge is constructed out of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and divynicell, and has solar panels attached to recharge batterie while you move. It’s designed to carry all your gear and supplies, be easy to pull, and provide plenty of protection from the elements while out on those long Polar expeditions. Cool stuff!

Kraig Becker

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