Updates From The Mountains

ExWeb has a number of mountaineering related updates today, that may be of interest.

First up, over on Nanga Parbat Simone Moro and his team have established Camp 3 on the mountain, and have retreated back down to Camp 2. Forcasts look rather nasty over the next few days, but after that, they’ll be looking for a weather window to make a summit push. Simone is known for making winter climbs on the big peaks, but Nanga Parbat in Winter is impressive none the less.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the first ascent on Broad Peak, and it looks like there will be quite the celebration. Right now, more than 25 climbers are preparing to summit the mountain this Summer to commemorate the anniversary. Even more impressive is that 10 of those climbers will move on to K2 afterward. Talk about a “twofer”!

Finally, Mark Inglis and Peter Hillary have announced plans to create an Everest rescue trust to raise money to conduct high altitude rescues on Everest. Inglis was on the mountain last year with the Himex team that walked past David Sharp, while he lay dying. The hope is that this fund will eventually have the cash and resources to fund rescuse and avoid similar situations. I suppose the efforst have to start somewhere.

Kraig Becker

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