Yukon Arctic Ultra Is Over!

According to the offical website for the Yukon Arctic Ultra, the race is complete, with Andy Heading of the UK winning a shortened version of the 460 mile run. The event was called off due to extreme cold in the Whitehorse, Canada region, as reported earlier. As of yesterday, all the teams are off the course and safely back in Whitehorse. Some of them had been stranded at checkpoints along the way due to the cold.

The final list of winners looks like this: Heading winning the 460 mile run, Stefano Miglietti of Italy taking the 300 mile course, Shelley Gellatly from Canada winning the 100 mile ultra, and German Richard Malz-Heyne taking the standard, albeit quite cold, 26.2 mile marathon.

Congrats too all the winners, and everyone else involved in the event. This looked to be one amazing race across some very rugged terrain. Throw in some -70 F temperatures, and you get the makings of an epic struggle for everyone on the course. I’m glad everyone made it back safe and sound, and I look forward to following next year’s event.

Kraig Becker

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