2007 Pakistan Himalaya Expedition List

k2 01
We’ve already seen their 2007 Everest and Himalaya Expedition List and now we can take a look at ExWeb’s preliminary expedition list for Pakistani Himalaya for 2007 as well.

The list isn’t nearly as full as the one with Everest on it, but does have a several groups going for K2, including a team on the West face, and another going for a new route on the North side. Other teams on K2 will try to do a “double dipper” going for the summit on Broad Peak as well. One of those teams is a massive Russian expedtion with 17 team members. With the Russians alone, it’s going to be crowded in Base Camp.

Other 8000m peaks will have their own expeditions as well, with teams set for Nanga Parbat and G1 and G2. Mixed International teams will shoot for summits on Masherbrum and Kunyang Chhish, lower, but still challenging peaks in their own right. K6 will see an American/Slovenian mixed team in the Spring, and K13 will see a Japanese team as well.

You can find even more information on the Karakorum teams here.

Kraig Becker

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