8000m Climbing News

MountEverest.net once again has a pair of interesting articles today, this time focusing on the 8000m peaks in general, and Everest in particular. First we have this article about Norwegian adventurer Cato Pedersen, who lost his left arm, and most of his right arm, in an accident back in 1973. Cato intends to climb Everest in the Spring in an expedition that has been dubbed “Everest Unarmed: 2007”. While he claims to not be much of a climber, he has had his share of adventures in the past, including a solo trip to the South Pole back in 1994, making the 960 mile trip from the Weddel Sea in 56 days. At the time, he had never pulled a sledge before. If he makes it to the top, he’ll become the first climber to summit without arms. Good luck Cato! We’ll be pulling for you.

Meanwhle, the second article of interest brings an update on climbers going for the 14 8000m peaks. Norbert Joos of Switzerland has only Everest left to conquer before he joins the group of 12 men who have topped out on all 14. But that won’t happen this year, as Norbert has announced that he will not be climbing Everest this Spring. Italian Silvio Mondinelli has just Broad Peak left on his list, and he’ll give it a go this Summer, but will train on Cho Oyu in the Spring. Finally, Abele Blanc, also of Italy, has Annapurna left to climb before he can add his name to the list, but at this time, he has no plans to return to that mountain.

I’m guessing Mondinelli will knock off Broad Peak this Summer and will be the next man to claim all 14 8000m peaks. It’s been two years since Ed Viesturs finished up the list, and no one else has done so since. We’re over due guys! Get cracking!

Kraig Becker

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