American Alpine Journal Online and Free!

It’s pretty much been alread publicized by everyone else, but better late than never I suppsoe. The American Alpine Journal considered by many to be the definitive periodical on mountaineering, is now available online, and better yet, it’s completely free. The website allows readers to search all the journals dating back to 1966, with more coming soon. in fact, every edition going back to 1929 will eventually be online and available to read.

This is a great resource for climbers and armchair mountaineers a like. It should be quite fascinating for instance, to do a search on Everest, and see how the mountain was viewed back in the 30’s and how that view changed over time. You could actually write a disseration on how cimbing equipment and techniques have evolved, and these back issues could give insights into some or our favorite climbers as well.

A big thanks from the climbing community should go out to the American Alpine Club for this generous addition to the web. I have a feeling it will be a much used, and much loved, resource for all of us.

Kraig Becker

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