Andrew Skurka Just Can’t Stand Still!

Remember Andrew Skurka? You know, the guy who has already hiked the AT, the PCT, and the Sea To Sea route. Recently he evenwent ultralight in the Nation’s Icebox.

Well, according to Best Hike he’s up to his old tricks again. This time Skurka will attempt to hike “Great Western Loop”, a 7000 mile trail that will take him through “12 national parks, 75+ designated wilderness areas, 5 existing long-distance trails, 2 desert traverses, and zero attempts or completions to date.”

It is expected to take him around seven months, and he is aiming to start on April 1st. Skurka hasn’t decided where he will start from yet, as he is keeping an eye on the snowpack, but he thinking of hiking counter clockwise, starting in California, near The San Gorgonio Pass.

Good luck Andrew. You crazy mofo!

Kraig Becker

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