Buzz Aldrin First To Walk On Grand Canyon Skywalk!

He may have been second to walk on the moon, but he’ll be first on the skywalk. According to this article at the New York Times website, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin will be the first man to step out onto the new skywalk platorm over the Grand Canayon.

The walkway is now set to open on March 28 along with a 6000 square foot visitor center, a movie theater, gift shop, and several restaurants. The platform itself juts out 70 feet over the Grand Canyon, and is made of more than two million pounds of glass, allowing visitors to look down into the depths below.

The article states that the platorm itself will be open from dawn to dusk each day, and that a maximum of 120 people will be allowed on it at any given time. The $25 fee that I mentioned in my previous post on the platform is confirmed as well.

Kraig Becker

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