Climber Forced Down By Bees!

Bard1s has posted this scary story about climber Keith Lockwood of Australia, who was forced off a wall he was climbing on Mt. Arapiles in Australia last weekend because he was attacked by a swarm of angry bees.

The 55 year old Lockwood was 60 meters up the Tiger Wall (pictured) when the swarm attacked. He said at first he thought it was simply a fly that he brushed away when he heard the buzzing, but then a few more joined, followed by the whole family. Lockwood was forced to descend some 25 meters while using just one hand while he used the other hand to swat the bees away. The swarm followed him down about 40 meters before finally giving up.

Upon reaching the bottom, Lockwood says that he vomited and passed out, then awoke to find another climber administering adrenaline. He was stung more than 50 times in all, and as of yesterday, remained in intensive care. Scary stuff. I can’t imagine being that high up on a rock face and then have to deal with angry insects. Ouch!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Scary huh? I can’t even imagine. I’m not exactly a big fan of stinging insects to begin with, but then to have this happen on the side of a wall!

    Yeah…no thanks!

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