Counting The Essentials With The Wildebeat

The Wildebeat is back with a new podcast episode this week, this time it’s another one of their “skills program” which focuses on essential skills for survival in the wilderness.

The episode is entitled Counting Up Essentials (part 1), and discusses the “Ten Essentials” that everyone should have when they head out into the wilderness. This first part explores what exactly those ten essentials are and why they are necessary. Doug Ritter of Equipped To Survive weighs in on his particular list of things that are essential, while Amy Racina, author of Angels In The Wilderness talks about an incident she had several years back where the “essentials” helped her to survive.

Next week, Part 2 will finish off the list and tell more of Amy’s tale. As always, you can find the episode on the WildeBeat website or through a subscription in iTunes.

Kraig Becker

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