Ecos Lifelinke: Coming Soon To An Expedition Near You?


Check out this cool ‘do it all’ power station from Ecosphere. Dubbed the Ecos Lifelink, this unit will purify water as well as provide power and wireless Internet service all through the use of solar and wind power. The orginal article at speculates that the device will be used in a disaster relief role, such as in areas that have been hit by a hurricane or other natural disaster, but it’s quite easy to see this thing finding a home in Everest Base Camp or similar locations.

The device is made up of two twenty foot sections that can be delivered and assembled in a numbr of ways. The size of it would prohibit it’s use in a lot of areas, but we will also likely see the size come down over time as the product is improved. It would make for quite the luxury item in basecamp, with plenty of power for our list of expedition gadgets while pumping out 30 gallons of purified water per minute, and providing wireless Internet and voice-over-IP within a 30 mile range. Impressive stats to say the least.

It’s clear this is an early prototype, but it’s also clear that the company is on to something here. I won’t be surprised at all when this thing goes into production and smaller units are created for more remote areas. Cool stuff. It’ll certainly keep your iPod charged.

Thanks Engadget.

Kraig Becker

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