Everest Update: General Strikes Hit Kathmandu!

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I mentioned a few days ago that teams were converging on Kathmandu in preparation for Everest, and other Himalaya climbs. At the time I noted that the political climate had changed somewhat this year with the Maoist rebels now joining the government in an effort to change thing in Nepal, but that there was still general unrest in much of the population. Well, it hasn’t taken long for that unrest to manifest itself in the form of a general strike.

According to this article over at ExWeb many climbers are scrambling to get out of Kathmandu today before the airlines go on strike tomorrow. Many of the hotels, restaurants, and other services are already on strike, making things difficult for teams who are stuck in the capital. You can read a first hand account from climber Mike Haugen in his blog over at the Coleman Everest website. (Thanks Alan!)

For those lucky enough to already be out of Kathmandu, it seems the expedition is continuing on schedule. Many teams are already trekking up the Khumbu Valley and, as ExWeb notes, Base Camp is busy with Sherpa guides prepping “Tent City”. Hopefully everyone will be out to Lukla by tomorrow, or they’ll be facing a long, difficult drive should the airline strike become prolonged.

Kraig Becker

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