Everest Update: Speed Attempt By Pemba Dorje

MountEverest.net is reporting that Pemba Dorje will attempt a new speed climb with the intention of summitting Everest, and Lhotse in the same day.

Dorje set the current Everest speed record back in 2004 with a mind bending 8 hour 10 min ascent from the South Side, with the use of oxygen. It that wasn’t enough, he also intends to spend more than 24 hours on the summit of Everest to beat the record currently held by the late Babu Chirri Sherpa. Dorje will attempt that record without the use of supplemental oxygen however.

Meanwhile the Saturday Morning Namche market was crowded with locals, as usual, as well as plenty of climbers making their way up the Khumbu Valley. More and more teams are nearing Everest, and thus traffic in the area has picked up dramatically. New teams to the area include a former Malaysian Deputy Minister who will be leading a team of 11 and Alex Abramov’s 7-Summit’s Club.

Seems like things are going according to plan. We should start to see more dispatches from Base Camp soon, and teams will be making their advanced camps over the next few weeks. You just have to love the Spring climbing season.

Kraig Becker

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