High Altitude Jacket Goes High Tech

Check out this cool new high alpine jacket from Grado Zero Espace in Florence, Italy. It combines some interesting designs and new technology to make for a jacket designed to perform well in many conditions, but especially above 6000m. The “Pro-Hand System” especially looks interesting, designed to protect your hands, and keep your gloves from getting lost, while at altitude. The Quota Zero Mountain Jacket, as it is called, is also designed to have modular linings, so that it can be useful at lower altitudes and in other activities as well.

I didn’t see a price listed for this, but if the GZE would like me to try it out on Kili in a month, I’m happy to comply. Drop me an e-mail and I’ll tell you where to ship me one! 😉

This comes via Nanoarchitecture.net

Kraig Becker

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