Iditarod Updates from the Iditablog

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The Iditablog has done a great job of covering the race once again this year, with regular updates, race analysis, and interesting information in general. For fans of the race, Iā€™d recommend two recent blog posts in general.

The first is entitled The race is truly on! and is a recent update on the current leaders, Martin Buser and Jeff King, who are mere minutes apart at the front of the pack. Both of them have completed their mandatory 24 hour rest stop, and have fresh teams out on the course.

The other interesting post discusses some of the more bizarre aspects of the race thus far. Amongst these is the surprise scratch of not only four time champ Doug Swingley, but Iditarod veteran DeeDee Jonrowe, both of whom suffered race ending injuries along Rainy Pass. Fourteen other mushers scratched after that same leg of the race. Other oddities include mushers taking the wrong trail to Rohn as well as a missing 61 year old musher and a missing dog as well.

As of this writing, the top of the leaderboard looks like this. First and second still belong to Buser and King respectively. Both men are into Anvik. Third place belongs to Lance Mackey, followed by Paul Gebhardt and Zack Steer in fourth and fifth. Those three men are out of Shageluk making their way to Anvik, and chasing the leaders.

Kraig Becker

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