The Indomitable Miss Hawley

Himalaya climbers and armchair enthusiasts alike have no doubt heard of Miss Elizabeth Hawley, the 84 year old woman who has become THE athuority on Himalayan climbing and climbers. She’s a legend in Nepal and the climbing community in general, and you haven’t officially summitted if Miss Hawley doesn’t say so.

Alan has a great post about her today on his Everest 2007 page and his description of his first encounter with her had me chuckling out loud.

Miss Hawley has been the chronicler of Himalayan climbing for more than 45 years and has released her detailed and accurate, though unofficial records, in a book and CD-ROM that follow climbing in the region from 1905 to 2003. Her Himalayan Database is considered to be the authorative source of information on Himalayan climbs.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “The Indomitable Miss Hawley”

  1. I wonder what Ms. Hawley thinks about the speed record-claims of those Sherpa — Pemba Dorji & Lhakpa Gelu, both Sherpa The last claim (2004) was from Dorji & was a 8:10min ascent. This would have taken 2+hrs off the record-claim from 2003 by Lhakpa, and 4hrs off his own 2003 time, and over 7hrs off the 2000 claim by Babu Shiri Sherpa.

    Pemba was in JAIL starting in March about, in 2006, for his proven involvement in a criminal kidnapping scheme. Most now feel he’s a criminal fraud regarding his Everest claim. Lhakpa also did a great dispute against it. Pemba had no witnesses above the first 1/5 of the route, and of course no summit witness. Also the weather was horrible that day thwarting all climbing parties.

    Still, he has received great press despite his being in jail (he could still be in jail). George Martin, a totally biased unprofessional emotionally charged fool won’t touch the issues — the issues are REALITY, he can’t handle it. The situations with Chad Kellogg are almost as bad, maybe just as bad.

  2. Search for articles. A large group of Everest veterans in Nepal and the US objected to this claim by Pemba Dorji.

    See the recent news. He’s now trying for a 24hr clim of Lhotse and Everest. And to stay on the summit of everest for 24hrs. WELL, he was offered $2000 to do an Everest climb again TIMED. He refused. EXACTLY as Chad Kellogg refused the $5000 INCREDIBLE offer offered to him in 2004.

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