Light Hiking and Camping in the Winter

podcast 031407 roundtable winter camping hiking 4 is a great resource for ideas and tips on how to travel lightly in the backcountry, and I’d say that it’s easier now then ever to “go light”. New, higher quality equipment, focuses on taking the weight off our packs while still providing us with the true backpacking experience. This especially holds true in Spring, Summer, and Fall, the time when most of us get out and camp. But what about Winter?

Well, you can use many of the same techniques int he Winter as well, but obviously the need to stay warm and dry chaneges things dramatically. That’s why Backpacking Light has put together this helpful article as well as an accompanying podcast with lots of great tips to for camping in the colder months.

The focus is on such topics as “Keep Warm Without Getting Wet” and “Keep Your Stuff Dry”. But my personal favorite is “Eat, Eat, Eat, Drink, Drink, Drink.” Words to live by throughout all four seasons I say. The podcast/mp3 file is found at the top of the page and can be downloaded or listened to directly on the page.

Kraig Becker

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