North Pole Update Too! also has an update today with news from the North Pole. It seems that a nasty storm hit the north-bound teams over the weekend causing them to drift off course, in some cases for miles, and forcing the ice to drift Eastward as well. But as of today, things seem to be improving.

Alain and Dixie were waylaid by the storm and spent the day in their tend. Ice drift pushed them to the South-East and caused them to lose as much as 5km distance.

Over on Lake Baikal the team is continuing to progress as they make the first expedition across that lake. The team reports that they are no longer counting the days on the ice nor the days they have left, but instead they dream of all the wonderful creature comforts they are missing, and think of warmer places.

Finally, two supported North Pole expeditions are also making progress. Rose Stancer is head North on a solo expedition was also caught in the storm, and reports that she lost distance thanks to negative drift, but is expected to be back on track today. Adrian Hayes is hoping for a resupply today, as long as the weather holds out.

Kraig Becker

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