Peru Gets Tough On Tourist Attacks

Another article from today, this one reports on Peru cracking town on attacks against tourists. A new law passed by the Peruvian congress make the maximum penalty for murder or severely injuring a tourist is now life in prison. The law covers both foreign and Peruvian tourists visiting sites in their own country.

Armed robbery against tourists is fairly common in the country and in 2005 there was a fairly well publicized event in which 13 tourists on the Inca Trail were robbed. Since then, the goverment has begun getting tough on crimes against tourists, even taking the step to patrol the Inca Trail and increasing the security presence at Machu Picchu.

In many countries around the world, tourism is THE main source of revenue. When Egypt has a groupt of German tourists gunned down a decade ago, tourism to the country nearly dried up. Since then, they have taken great pains to insure the safety of visitors to the contry, sending armed guards with all tourist groups, and having an increased military presence at all of the major sites. While Peru hasn’t quite had to go that far yet, it’s impressive that they are already taking steps ahead of time to make sure we’re all safe when traveling in the country.

Thanks again Carl.

Kraig Becker