Ranulph Fiennes Conquers The Eiger!

British Explorer and all around Adventurer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has completed his goal to scale the North Face of the Eiger. Fiennes undertook this endeavor, at the age of 62 no less, in an effort to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Program.

In all, it took five full days on the Eiger Face for Fiennes to reach the summit. Along the way, the explorer had to over come attacks of vertigo, climbing that he described as “nightmarish”, and a long hard climb over the Traverse of the Gods. All of this with out the use of half the fingers on his left hand thanks to severe frostbite from a 2000 expedition to the South Pole.

Fiennes has vowed to “never again” climb the Eiger, and has been quoted as saying that had he known it would be as difficult as it was, he isn’t sure the would have taken the challenge, even to raise funds for the Marie Curie Charity.

You have to hand it to him, climbing the Eiger is no small feat, even for a much younger man. Fiennes not only completed the climb, he hasn’t pulled any punches when it comes to evaluating the difficulty of the North Face. Clearly this took a lot out of him and it makes you wonder how many more of these adventures Sir Ranulph can under take. You have to admire his spirit of adventure.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Ranulph Fiennes Conquers The Eiger!”

  1. Good for Fiennes. Must have been an amazing adventure!
    Just finished reading Simpson’s latest book, “The Beckoning Silence” which I find myself relating to for many reasons… Within it he finally climbs the Eiger too as a lifelong goal he had.
    Great read for us grey-haired outdoor types…

  2. It sure sounds like it was a great adventure for Fiennes, and a bigger challenge then he expected.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Staying on the Eiger theme, I’m currently reading The Eiger Obsession by John Harlin III. Great read so far. I hope to have a review posted before I head off to Kili at the end of the month.

  3. Kili!
    That will be a great trip.
    I’ve been to that continent, but not on Kili, although I have pictures of a Summit Stone that another adventurer placed up there to pass it on…
    Have fun!

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