The Rest of Everest – Episode 41

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The Rest of Everest is back this week with a new episode and an exciting announcement for all of us devoted fans and viewers. First, in regards to the announcement, Jon Miller, the director of The Rest of Everest is headed back to Everest in just a few weeks. During the month of April he’ll be visiting the North face once again, meeting some teams, generating some new content for the podcast, and revisiting his old stomping grounds at Base Camp. You can tell that Jon is excited about the trip and the possiblities it can bring for future projects. Watch the website for more information on this new adventure.

This weeks episode is entitled Episode 41 – “Our Town”. It’s another fun podcast set in BC that shows life in camp, which is both desloate and forbidding, and yet strangely vibrant and full of life. The climbers living there are staying in tents for weeks on end, and yet they still have modern technology at their fingertips. Chatting with the denizens of base camp brings out all kinds of insights into what it’s like to live there and the logistics of communicating with the rest of the World.

As always this episode is available on the web at or through a subscription in iTunes.

Kraig Becker

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