Searching for America’s Roof

Some months ago I posted on the brewing controversy over the highest mountain in Soth America. There are some who believe that Ojos del Salado may actually be taller than Aconcagua, which I joked would throw all those Seven Summitters into a tizzy. I also noted that that should be a fairly easy thing to resolve these days.

Well, it looks like someone is going to resolve it after all. Dubbed the “Searching for America’s Roof” expedition a team of French and Chilean climbers will measure both Ojos del Salado and the nearby Nevado Pissis to get accurate heights to compare to one another.

Not only does potentially impact the Seven Summits, it’s also a matter of national pride. Aconcagua is in Argentina, while Ojos del Salado is in Chile. The prize is the tourst dollars and climbing fees for everyone who wants to go up these mountains. It should be interesting to see how this all ends up.

Kraig Becker

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  1. You said it DSD! I almost want to see it happen just to throw all the Seven Summitters into a tizzy! 🙂

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