Interviews Bob Cochran

I read this interview earlier today while browsing It’s with Polar Adventurer Bob Cochran, who will soon join Arctic Explorer Jerry Kobalenko on a 700+ mile expedition from Canada to Greeland.

The interview is both interesting and amusing, as Chochran seems like a larger than life kind of guy. That’s him in the picture smoking that big fat stogie. The questions in this interview are fairly far ranging, but it’s Bob’s answers that make it fun to read. For instance, when asked what his first meal would be when he reached Greenland, or returnted to his home in LA, he responded:

“After a day of Arctic sledding I don’t care what I eat, but I favor Jerry’s recipe for potato gruel with cheese cubes. In May of 2005, I returned with an intense desire for bacon and eggs, and champagne sipped from that hollow between the collar bones of beautiful women. Who knows this time?”

Champagne sipped from the hoolow between the collar bones of beautiful women? How can you not like this guy? By the way, that’s how I like to start every day! 😉

Kraig Becker

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