Ueli Steck To Open New Route On Annapurna

MountEverest.net has posted an excellent interview with Ueli Steck who intends to open a new route on Annapurna in the Spring in his trademark light and fast, solo climbing style.

Steck, a Swiss climber, has done some impressive climbs in the Alps, Himalaya, and Patagonia, all in alpine style. He intends to treck and climb in the Khumbu region to acclimatize before heading to Annapurna, where he’ll carry less than twenty pounds worth of gear for the five days of climbing on the 3000m South face, before he makes one fast attempt at the summit.

In the interview, Ueli talks about the strategy for the climb, carrying just the right amount of gear to make a successful summit bid, how he got his start in climbing, and what kind of “support” crew he’ll have in BC. He’ll be bringing a cook, which he calls his “only luxury”. He’ll also have a photographer who will climb with him and two journalists who will write his story. He’ll also have a sat phone with him, but he says it’s to be used for weather reports and will remain in BC when he sets out for the summit.

You have to give the guy props for trying this type of expedition. It’s dangerous and risky, but fortune favors the bold, and he certainly has the tecnical skills for a climb of this nature. But Annapurna is unlike any other mountain he’s climbed, and we all know how deadly it can be when you make a traditional ascent. Can’t wait to see how he does. Climb safe Ueli!

Kraig Becker

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