Want To Go Buildering?

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So you’ve topped out on El Cap, put The Eiger behind you, and The Towers of Paine no longer hold a challenge. So what’s next? How about Buildering? What the hell is buildering you ask? Well, that’s a great question, since I said the same thing! Basically, it’s like bouldering, except you’re climbing buildings instead. Really tall buildings.

There seems to be a rash of stories about buildering today, starting with this one over at the Gear Junkie, where we are introduced to French Builderer Alain Robert, who is known as the Spiderman. You can find an interview with Mr. Robert here. An interesting fellow to say the least. Then check out this awesome photo gallery of the Spiderman scaling a building in Abu Dhabai.

Not to be out done, the other Adventure Blog has their own article about Alain (although they do seem a bit confused with his name) and a recent attempt to scale the Petronas Towers. His second attempt at the Towers was thwarted by police, but he has successfully climbed the Sears Tower, The Empire State Building, and the Eiffel Tower, along with nearly 70 other buildings.

Update: Still haven’t gotten your Alain fix from the above links? Check out even more photos and information here.

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  1. Alain must be seen as the epitome of the human spirit for he has the True Power – in the imagination which dares to speculate upon that which is not yet. His imagination to scale these man made “mountains”, backed by great expectations, brought about his success reality which no one yet dare to follow. He has come to realize that his physical experience and environment is the materialization of his beliefs. There is no authority superior to the guidance of a person’s inner self. He has spoken: “We set ourselves limits, but we are all strong enough to aim higher, to achieve our goals. All we have to do is find such strength within ourselves. Know how to develop it. .. I do think that sometimes faith can move mountains…”

    This is an empowering message to one and all on the potential of the human spirit of endeavors. For a wide ranging Interview of his around the world exploits and More Pics at:

  2. Excellent post! I’m going to add this link to the orginal blog post I made!

    Thanks! 🙂

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