WildeBeat: Counting Up Essentials (Part 2)

The WildeBeat is back again this week with Part 2 of their “Counting Up Essentials” podcast episode.

This show continues the discussion from last week about the essential items you need to have when heading into the backcountry. Host Steve Sergeant talks with Doug Ritter, the executive director of the Equipped To Survive Foundation and Amy Racina, author of the book Angels in the Wilderness. Doug weighs in on his thoughts of what the “essentials” should be, while Amy continues telling her dramatic tale of having to be rescued after taking a nasty fall while hiking in King’s Canyon.

Another very good episode full of information. These “skills” episodes are wonderful for beginners who are looking to learn more about safely enjoying the wilderness, and they are an excellent reminder to more experienced backcountry travlers on things we shouldn’t take for granted.

Kraig Becker

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