The WIldeBeat Tells You How To Avoid Getting Eaten In The Backcountry

The WIldeBeat has relased Podcast Episode 80 entitled Fighting Animal Terror.

Steve’s guest this week is Dave Smith (sounds like an alias!) who is a former backcountry caretaker at Yellowstone and has written several books on the topic of avoiding becoming lunch for a bear. He gives some good tips on how to handle bears, cougars, and other critters you may run into while hiking in the backcountry.

They mention high profile animal victims like Steve Irwin and Timothy Treadwell to demonstrate that anyone can be caught off guard and killed by an animal attack. Treadwell in particular would have done well to have heeded some advice from someone like Smith.

As always, the WildeBeat is well worth listening to and comes highly recommended by me. Subscribe in iTunes or bookmark the website for weekly episodes.

Kraig Becker

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