Winter Pack Reviews at Outside

winter packs
Oh how I love new packs! I have far moe than I need already, but I still love them. Outside Online has posted a short and sweet review of winter backpacks from Gregory, Lowe Alpine, North Face, and Backcountry.

The Gregory pack, as is the norm with Gregory packs, looks very nice. It seems well designed for Winter activities. The Lowe Alpine looks like a very nice, no frills pack for a day on the slopes or snow shoeing. The Backcountry pack seems like a good value for the money, and has plenty of nice options. It would make a nice addition to any gear closet.

The pack that confounds me a bit is the North Face Snowday. It’s the pack they created that has a battery operated heating element in it to prevent the hydration bladder from freezing up. It sounds like it works well, but there is just something odd about having a heating pad on your back while you’re out in the snow for the day. And if you were asked to name the inventer of an anonymous backpack with a built in heater, lets see a show of hands on who thought it would be by North Face. Yeah, I thought so.

Kraig Becker

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