Gear Junkie’s Best Gear! Ever!

The Gear Junkie wraps up his week long look at the Ten Best Gear Items of the Past Five Years today by revealing the top two spots on the list.

His number 2 gear item is the Woolies Zip T-Neck from Ibex, which is a great base layer that is both thin, and warm at the same time. The wool top breaths well, isn’t restrictive and gets high marks for use on the trail hiking, mountain biking, or running.

And the number 1 gear item of the past five years is… *drum roll*… The Original Buff from, well… Buff of course! Buffs are headwear that are about as versatile a gear item as you’ll find. They can be used to cover your head, of course, but can also be a light balaclava, pulled down around your neck as a scarf, or pulled up to cover your face like a mask. The item has been made famous on CBS’s Survivor where each team has custom Buffs, and I speaking from experience, they are great to own. I have two of them and use them constantly. They even went with me to Africa recently. And at $18.50 each, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper gear bargain.

Thanks for the list GJ and congratulations on your first five years. Now get to work on that “Top Ten Worst Gear Items” list. 🙂

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Gear Junkie’s Best Gear! Ever!”

  1. Yeah, they are amazing. I wonder how I ever lived without them at times. It’s such a simple concept, and yet I never thought of it! 🙂

    It’s kind of surprise to be #1 on the list, unless you’ve never owned one.

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