Landis Still A Cheater?!?!

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According to this report over at Yahoo Sports Floyd Landis’ “B” sample turned up traces of synthetic testosterone when follow-up tests were conducted on seven urine samples submitted by the Tour de France Champion. The article quotes from the French newspaper L’Equipe, where the report orginated.

Landis, who has continually maintained his innocence, claim that the tests should not have been conducted at all since his primary, or “A”, sample tested negative for any banned substances. To further complicate matters, Landis’ own “expert” was suppose to be allowed to witness the latest round of testing, but was barred from the room while the tests were conducted, despite an agreement that would have had him observe the testing process.

This latest twist in the story comes after a report a few months back that Landis’ samples may have been mislabled, and someone else’s samples were the ones actually being tested. Over the past ten months, there certainly has been a lot of back and fourths to this story. At this point, it’s difficult to figure out who to believe. Clearly the French labs have issues with their testing process, that much is evident from other cases as well. But these samples testing positive doesn’t bode well for Landis either. So, at this point, we either have a plot by the French to discredit another American cyclist, or Landis is guilty of using performance enhancing drugs. I’m not sure I’d rule out either option at the moment.

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Kraig Becker

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