Lara Kellogg Dies on Mt. Wake

Famed climber Lara Kellogg fell to her death in a climbing accident last week on Mt. Wake, in Denali National Park, Alaska. According to this article posted on, Kellogg was climbing with mountaineer Jed Brown at the time of the accident.

Lara was married to Chad Kellogg, who was climbing in the Sichuan province of China at the time of the accident. Out of respect to her husband and family, her name was not released until Chad could be contacted and told the news. Lara and Chad are well known in climbing circles having worked as guides and having climbed all over the World.

Jed Brown posted his thoughts on Lara and their climb with a bit of an explanation about what events lead up to them being on the mountain and wht happened while they were there. And a Remembering Lara Kellog Blog has been created to allow friends and family to post their memories and thoughts on Lara.

My thoughts and condolences are with Chad and her family at this time.


6 thoughts on “Lara Kellogg Dies on Mt. Wake”

  1. Good reporting and a heartwrenching story from Jed Brown..

    Did you read this? I couldn’t even imagine..

    Thanks for the post. I have made a post as well, sending people here for info.


  2. You’re right. It is unbelievable. 🙁

    Yep, I read it and I felt how heartwrenching it was as well. How Jed even had the strength to write that is beyond me. I’m not sure I could have made it through it.

  3. To think that the simple act of putting a knot at the end of the rappelling line could have prevented this tragedy makes this accident even more tragic.

  4. Yep. It sure does. There is a lesson there about safety and never taking things for granted, that is probably a good point for all of us.

  5. It saddens me that this blog initially intended to respond to a great tragedy affecting the awesomely amazing Lara Karen-Kellogg degenerated into a gripe session devoted to her spouse. It seems you can and should create a second place to do that IF you have nothing better to do with your energy. (How adventurers would have time for that instead of focusing on adventuring is beyond me.) How diametrically opposed this is to how positive and inspirational Lara was to my son and so many others. Lara was a truly remarkable woman who loved challenge and adventuring and focused on the positive in life. She lived a full, albeit much too short life, and has left many lessons for the rest of us. I challenge you to learn from them and find joy in your adventures, as she did.

  6. Cleaned out some inappropriate posts that should have been taken down a long time ago. Apologies to anyone that may have been offended.

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