Prepping For the Fourteeners

So you live in Colorado, and the weather is starting to turn for the better, and you’ve decided that this year, you’re going to climb at least one of the 54 fourteeners in your state. (That’s mountains of 14,000 feet or better for those just joining us) Well, The Denver Post is here to help with some great tips on preparing for a high altitude hike.

They recommend making a number of smaller hikes first if you are not an experienced hiker or use to spending time on the trail. Going from 5000 feet to 14,000 feet in one day can be dangerous the article warns, and you never know for sure what how your body will react to altitude. They also suggest stretching, doing yoga, lifting weights, and a good cardiovascular workout in preparation for your climb.

Other tips include waiting until mid-June to avoid snow and sudden bad weather, which can be common in the mountains. Bring the right gear for the day and know how much water, food, and other items you’ll need to take with you. And finally, don’t be afraid to turn back. Altitude can do odd things to you, and the weather can change very quickly, so play it safe and don’t risk injury or worse. Finally, they also list their “Ten Essentials” of gear that should always be in your pack. Good advice all around.

Thanks Tom!

Kraig Becker

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