Rest of Everest: Tibet 2007

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As a big fan of video podcast The Rest of Everest I mentioned several weeks ago, before I left for Africa, that Jon was heading back to Tibet as well. Had I not gone on hiatus for two weeks myself, I would have reported regularly on the Tibet 2007 updates, blog posts, and podcasts.

But, it’s better late than not at all, right? To follow all of Jon, and his good friend Scott’s, adventures head on over to the Tibet 2007 Webpage to find out what they were doing while they were there. The podcasts, as always, are fun and interesting, and the blog posts are a good read as well. It looks like Jon is going to have plenty of material to keep feeding our Everest addiction for some time to come.

Welcome home Jon. I hope your case of jet lag isn’t as bad as mine! πŸ˜‰

Kraig Becker

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