Safari Tease!

Just a few quick pictures to whet your appetite while I work on getting things back to normal in resuming my usual posting schedule. I took these two shots while on safari and I think they turned out really well. They are two young male lions, both of them were hunting together, and while we watched them, they stalked a small hard of wildebeasts for about twenty minutes or so.

More to come soon, I promise! 🙂



Kraig Becker

8 thoughts on “Safari Tease!”

  1. Nice shot as well Carl. Great picture.

    I haven’t set up a Flickr account yet, but figured that would be the best way to share my pics. As I get them more in order and pick out the best ones to share, I’ll probably set up an account at that point.

    As for the cost of the trip, it did run a bit on the expensive side. The cimb and safari was about $2500 and the airline ticket was about another $2000.

    When you decide to go, definitely consider Duma. They were a real pleasure to work with and were top notch on the mountain and on safari.

  2. Beautiful shots (particularly the first one). Make sure you let us know which route you took up Kili. I’m trying to convince the wife to make the trip in a few years. I’m going to push for the long route so we have time to acclimatize (Ed Viesturs, I’m not). Good choice to axe the summit bid so you could still enjoy the safari. Can’t wait to read more about the trek!

  3. Yea, the airfare to Africa is a killer. I’ve found trips at great prices for the land cost… and then you do a quick search on airfare and those great prices don’t look so great anymore.

    If only Africa was as cheap to fly to as South America…

  4. Alex: I went up the Machame route which is known for being one of the more scenic, and also one of the more difficult routes. It was a six day climb, but there are options to do it in seven. I’d probably recommend the seven day climb if you do this route, as the last two days before Summit Day are much easier and well broken up.

    Carl: I agree! Airfare to Africa from the States is very pricey. Hard to find a good deal anywhere. South America on the other hand, has lots of options and is much cheaper. Next year I have to head down to Peru or Argentina I think.

  5. It was a 300mm zoom, so decent, but not anything out of the ordinary. In these shots I was probably about 10 yards away from one of the lions, and about 10 feet away from the other. Safely inside a safari vehicle of course. 🙂

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