15 Year Old Kayaks The Grand Canyon – Yes! All of it!

Wetdawg.com is reporting that a 15 year-old British boy has kayaked the length of the Grand Canyon.

Dan Murpy, the young man in question, paddled in average of 20 miles a day and camped along the shores of the Colorado River at night, as part of a 20 person team who spent 15 days on the journey. Along the way he faced over 100 classified rapids and some of the toughest whitewater around. Dan says that he hopes to one day lead his own paddling expeditions, and his goal is to kayak a major river on ever continent.

Good show Dan! Impressive work at any age, but at 15, i’d say you have quite a paddling career ahead of you.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “15 Year Old Kayaks The Grand Canyon – Yes! All of it!”

  1. Very impressive. We were just rafting there recently, as I’ve posted on my blog, and the river has many serious rapids.
    Amazing accomplishment!
    “Summit Stones & Adventure Musings”

  2. Yes, it really is pretty amazing at any age. I’ll bet you had a great time there as well DSD. It seems like it would be an excellent kayak trip.

    I think when I was 15 I had such lofty goals as getting the girl next door to notice me, and making it through the Summer without straining myself too much! 😉

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